Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Trade Well When ....

1. I close all my trades before the off.
2. I have no other distractions in the house.
3. I watch pictures of the races before the off.
4. I accept my loses as just part of the trading process.
5. I take lots of small profits frequently
6. I am confident.
7. I enter the market about 7-5 mins before the off.
8. I put very little pressure on myself.

I probably have more to add to this but this is my thinking so far.

I have decided to write these down because my trading like the economy has started to stagnate. The last 2 weeks have just been one step forward one step back. I have tried to be positive with these statements as I feel I have been far to hard on myself recently and this has led to a complete lack of confidence. So I feel it is time to refocus again and not look for such big profits just more consistent ones.


  1. Thanks for those thoughts Drifter. Just when I thought I was doing well with the trading I have had three bad days in a row. Your comments are just what I needed to refocus. Regards PhilK

  2. Number 2 is something I struggle with the most, it doesn't take much to knock me out of the right frame of mind and then my concentration isn't as good.