Monday, December 28, 2009

Stable Markets?

Today I was able to trade a few more races than normal. However I found the money around the favourites very difficult to read to get an idea of which direction the price was heading. It appeared that someone was controlling the market with quite a bit of cash. There was lots of money each side of the book and significantly more than was getting matched. I recorded the last race of the evening at Wolves to illustrate this point. Normally in my experience there would be a lot more movement in a Wolves market but the favourite is very stable in the last 5 mins.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Toy for Christmas

Just been using the last 2 weeks to play with the Toy. At the moment it is my trading application of choice for Horse Racing. I like the versatility of the product and it has meant I am able to trade more than one horse successfully. I have always used Bet Angel in the past and found this to be a very good and reliable product. However it would be stupid of me not to look at other products. Currently there are some features missing from the Toy but it is free! For the moment I will continue to use both. If you want to try the toy download it from here.