Monday, December 28, 2009

Stable Markets?

Today I was able to trade a few more races than normal. However I found the money around the favourites very difficult to read to get an idea of which direction the price was heading. It appeared that someone was controlling the market with quite a bit of cash. There was lots of money each side of the book and significantly more than was getting matched. I recorded the last race of the evening at Wolves to illustrate this point. Normally in my experience there would be a lot more movement in a Wolves market but the favourite is very stable in the last 5 mins.


  1. Hello mate, nice blog have added a link to it, would you mind linking back to mine ?


  2. That does seem a bit odd to me too, my initial impression with a short proced favourite like that would of been to swing trade.

  3. Yes JS.

    Very strange the lack of volatility on this favourite. This also happened in several other markets on this day.