Friday, June 19, 2009

Know when to get out

Not much to report about my trading of late just to say it is moving along steadily in the evenings. I have not been able to trade Ascot due to work. Not sure I can justify to the wife taking a week off to trade the horses!

I have just decided to add this video of a recent trade. The reason I have put this up is that I was quite pleased that I just accepted what had happened in the market and acted accordingly. In previous times I would have got annoyed that all of my position had not been filled and tried to hold out for that extra tick. Which could have led to 2 things
1- Making less money
2- Or even worse risking the trade in-play.

So another sign that my trading is moving forward.

1 comment:

  1. i am facinated by what you are doing.It seems well beyond the level of knowledge I have about trading on betfair, that is backing and laying a particular horse. Watching you on u tube/video is all new to me.
    How do i find out more about the ways of trading. Are the courses?
    i once spent an afternoon with a guy in Nottingham who demonstrated how by concentrating on the favourite he eventually would win whichever horse won the race.It is a number of years since this was shown to me.
    PS many thanks for taking the time to write these blogs.