Thursday, August 13, 2009

Betfair V Betdaq

Betfair have announced that they will be making changes to the premium charge and probably charging successful traders even more of their profits. My thoughts again turn to Betdaq. So this afternoon I was able to compare the markets of the two exchanges on this video. If you can't tell Betfair is on the left and Betdaq is on the right. It is probably best you watch the video to make your own mind up about which exchange suits you better.

As you can see the lower liquidity helped me to make a tidy profit (9%) on Betdaq using only £50 stakes. However if I was using bigger stakes on Betfair I might have been able to make more money but sometimes it is not easy to see the direction of any move on the favourite.

It has been suggested several times by several people (me included) that traders and punters should all move to Betdaq. However no-one wants to lead us there for fear of turning around to see no-one behind them. The ideal situation would be for everyone to trade on Betdaq but I thought that would happen last year but it didn't.

On the Bet Angel forum it has been suggested that new traders should try starting on Betdaq because it is a little less hectic and they can use Bet Angel Professional for free. Hopefully a few people will take this advice and things will start to change.

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