Monday, March 1, 2010

Recovery Mission - February

Got back on track in February. I managed to make a profit! The month started quite challengingly with a loss on the Superbowl. I suppose it was inevitabe after saying I was very confident with my Gridiron trading. I had built up a good profit but then risked far too much at the end of the game thinking the Colts would come back. I think i was a bit greedy trying to finish the season on a big high. The lesson from this mistake is not to risk too much when there is little time for any sort of recovery.. This mistake cost me £66.

My Horse Race trading has been steady if unspectacular netting £178 for the month. Hopefully I am warming up nicely for the greater opportunities in this month and beyond. As already stated the most pleasing development in my trading recently is my ability to trade more than one horse at a time thanks to the layout on Geeks Toy. I will try not to get too excited about Cheltenham as I will be at work most of the time. I also remember it can be quite difficult to adapt to the markets especially when you usually trade Kempton(AW) or Wolves.

I have tried to concentrate on just football for the rest of my trading this month. I often found that experimenting in some markets and inevitably losing in those markets can adversely affect my trading in other sports. The month was good with a few trading methods I am excited about if I can handle the long losing runs the strategy will generate but occasional big windfalls. I managed a profit of just over £100 from football. Just trading football and Horse racing in the next month will also give me some time away from my computer screen! The more I trade the more important I am realising this is becoming.

Looking forward to the rest of the year now I am profit for 2010.

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