Friday, April 2, 2010

Good returns - March

March proved a good month for me I decided to concentrate most of my efforts on Horse Racing to get a true picture of my current ability in trading these markets. It payed off with a return of over £350 for the month. I traded a few races at Cheltenham and was very pleased with a return of over £20 a race on average. This was great as I was able to increase my stakes a little but also adapt to these markets which are different from the usual day to day races.

I also dabbled a little in some Aussie races and you can see a couple of these below. I was able to make reasonable profits. However I won't be doing these all the time as you need a break sometime. I also made about £20 from my football trading.
Next month sees the return of evening racing and hopefully the opportunity for part time traders to increase their monthly returns.

On a final note as I post this I do wonder what I am achieving by posting this. Is it for me? If it is I am not sure I need to post now as I am far more aware of my mental trading state now. Is it to help other traders? I am note sure how much it helps to know other traders are making money there are plenty of blogs that do that. Something for me to think about.

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