Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Break

When things are going for you and you feel confident good things just keep happening for you. Take yesterday for example. I was up fairly early on Sunday so I thought I would trade the Aussie Tennis final before the start. I was about to close before the start for a £2 green figure. Just before I did they announced that Federer would serve first. With my increased confidence I thought he is expected to win his service game so there would probably be little movement in his odds if he did but if he lost his serve! So I let the trade go in-running I think he won the first point and his price shortened a little but then he lost the next 4 and his price jumped out from 1.63 at the start to 1.93 after one game. I thought how lucky I had been and took my profit of over £100 for a few minutes work. I then stayed away from the game for the rest of the excellent match as I had lots to do at home and was reluctant to lose this good return.

However this game gave a great example of why tennis trading has huge potential. The graph below shows Federer's price in the first set. As you can see many huge price movements which are good if you call them correctly. The rest of the game continued to swing from one player to the next. I am sure that some traders made thousands from the momentum swings between these evenly matched players. as for me I probably committed a bit too much to my trade and it worked out but again this is another sport that looks great for trading.

My Horse Racing trading also continued on its recent upturn with 10 races traded for just over £100 profit. I feel really positive about this change because unlike the tennis trade it feels like my trading has improved whereas the tennis trade might just have been lucky.

Looks like these were timely profits as the outlook for trading this week looks bleak. Oh well just have to concentrate on building snowmen this week rather than my bank.


  1. Excellent stuff Drifter, both in the tennis and the horse racing.

    Tennis is also something I'd like to get into, but having had my fingers burned in the past, I've been reluctant to get involved. However, my resolution for this year is to get to grips with at least two other sports so I may very well have to try it out again.

    Your horse racing seems to have come on leaps and bounds. £10/race is more than acceptable and I hope it continues for you.

    Well done.


  2. Thanks Alistair.

    Yes I could have got caught with the tennis. However the swings are good and frequent in tennis. It is just knowing when to take a loss if things don't go to plan. Having a strategy before placing the trade helps.