Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jan Review

So here are the figures for Jan 09(I also made about £10 from the Aussie markets). A month that has got better the longer it has gone on. The last week has been excellent with nearly half of the profit coming in that period. I am really happy to have managed a profit in this month as January is so tough with the lack of racing, especially if you work as well. I am pleased that I have been able to spot opportunities in markets apart from Horse Racing, very useful at this time of year. American Football was a revelation to me and although I only made a small profit after quite a big loss the potential is huge. Although it is a shame I have to wait until next season to start(apart from tonight).

In the last week my Horse Racing trading appears to have moved to a new more confident and profitable level. I just hope that this can continue because their is nothing better for improving your discipline then being in an all green position at the off.

Now I have increased my bank to over £1000 I intend to start paying 50% of any future profits out of my account. I think it would be wise to grow my bank slowly and not look to commit too much to the markets because there is a fine line between confidence and over confidence.


  1. Excellent results there Drifter, particularly since you work as well.

    Two things to note from the figures:

    Your horse racing seems to have picked up, presumably due to the new longer term trading strategies you hinted at in an earlier post.

    Secondly, your portfolio seems to be rapidly expanding, which can only be a good thing especially at this time of year. Something I really need to work on this year if I'm going to step up a gear.

    Well done on a great start to 2009

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  2. Thanks Alistair.

    Yes I have tried many different markets during January. Most of them have been successful in the short term. I am hoping they can also be successful in the long term.

    The horse racing strategy has been more successful due to long term view but also knowing when to exit a position. I have also been able to commit more to trades with a bit more confidence.

    As you can see I have tried the dogs but didn't quite get the hang of them . Lack of liquidity compared to the nags meant I made a mess of them. I may of tried to use a bank that was too big.