Thursday, January 29, 2009

Different View of the Markets

My trading over the last 2 days has been somewhat transformed. It was really a combination of two things. Firstly I watched the excellent video on Peter Webb's Blog and then watched the last episode of Million Dollar Traders. Watching both programs has given me a different perspective of the markets and subsequently I appear to be reading the markets much better. It is difficult to describe the change the only thing I can say is I am looking at the markets with a longer term view than before. This different view appears to have given me more confidence which has subsequently improved my performance. It is early days at the moment but I am hoping this could be breakthrough moment.

As you can see tonight I traded 5 races and made over £50 which for me is an excellent return.


  1. Great stuff Drifter. An average of £10/race is good going in anyone's book. I wish I could do that on the nags.


  2. Thanks Alistair

    My trading has been good the last few days. I just hope it continues.

    You appear to be doing quite well on the dogs something I have yet to master.


  3. Some great results Drifter, well done.

    I've now added a link to your blog - sorry I hadn't doen it sooner.

    All the best


  4. Thanks Mark.

    I continue to read your blog for ideas for markets apart from Horse Racing.