Friday, January 2, 2009

Hopes for the New Year

This year all I am aiming to do is to build my bank to £1000 to start with and then to start to take a percentage of my profit out of my account. For me the first two months will be hard. As a part time trader there will be limited opportunities to trade and the markets are not normally that good during January & February. My main objective will be to keep hold of my bank in these tricky months. Apart from that I will not be setting myself any targets as these have led to me forcing trades in the past.

I will concentrate mainly on the horse racing markets but will try and profit from other sports but normally I will trade before any market is turned inplay to limit my risk. Although I am looking to experiment with the inplay cricket markets this year as these appear to attract plenty of cash. These have proved expensive for me to get involved in in the past.

As for today I traded 10 races and could only manage a profit of £16. Today is was a case of one step forward and one step back. I got caught holding a few positions too long when it looked like the market was going to reverse and it did right through my position. I did manage to make a £7 profit from the Murray tennis match before the start. I just put in a back and a lay bet on Federer 6 ticks apart and both got matched in the 2 hours before the start.


  1. I trade mostly on tennis and soccer.
    I slowly began getting into horse racing last year, but i still have a lot of experience to gather.
    Also, i noticed that most traders that have a blog mention their cricket trading, but for me that sport is a total unknown.
    Well, i wish you good luck, and I'll be following you.

  2. Marius

    I have been trading Horse Racing for about 3 years and think it is one of the best to trade due to the volatility before the off. Many other sports the markets are very static before they begin.

    I haven't traded much in-play on tennis because I have found this quite difficult. Most of my football trading has been before the game starts. Although I may start to try some in-play strategies this year. I am going to have a look at Soccer Mystic this year.

    Thanks for the support