Thursday, January 1, 2009

Steady start to the New Year

I made a steady start to the New Year. I traded 15 races today in between taking the Christmas decorations down. I tried to concentrate on taking small one tick profits today as I have been guilty recently of trying for 4 or 5 tick trades too often and getting caught when they quickly go in the other direction.

I have started with a bank of just under £300 and after todays effort that has taken me up to £320. For the moment I will concentrate on building my bank up slowly whilst I get use to using Betfair again.

Good Luck with your trading in 2009. I hope it will be a profitable one.


  1. First of all I'd like to wish you good luck and huge profits for 2009.

    And i also have two questions.
    Will you trading only horse races?
    And what do you consider to be ideal bank? I know a lot of traders that started with about 200 pounds and when they reached 10.000 pounds, that was they steady bankroll, and everything that exceeded that sum would be withdrawn.

  2. Hi Marius

    Thanks for reading the Blog. My current plans are to get up to £1000 and then to start to withdraw some of the profits but continue to build the bank slowly.

    The main focus of my trading will be Horse Racing but I plan to trade in other sports e.g. I made £7 trading the Murray tennis match today before the start of the game. I also plan to have a good go at Cricket this year.