Friday, January 16, 2009

Taking it Easy

I have been rather frustrated with the lack of opportunities for me to trade Horse Races recently. So it was nice to trade a few races today and make a profit on every race albeit small profits on some of the races. My trading today was slow and steady rather than spectacular. That was mirrored by the markets that I found. I traded 7 races and made a satisfactory profit of £40. I really need to keep my focus at this time of the year, as being part time my opportunities are limited and the racing isn't great at the moment.

Tomorrow looks like it could be quite good as Master Minded will be odds on for the Victor Chandler. So there should be plenty of volume. You could also use about 4 times your bank if you are brave enough to lay him! Me I am not brave enough as I think he may be even shorter than his current price of about 1.27.

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