Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lay Up Pompey

Just a quick entry to show my good luck/work tonight. In all my time on Betfair the one sport I have consistently been able to make a profit after commission is football. I think that I have a fairly in depth knowledge of the sport having played to a decent standard. So tonight I took Pompey on with a fairly big lay. I felt that they just don't have enough firepower up front now they have got rid of Defoe. Villa are also playing exceptionally well and better away from home than at Villa park. So I looked at putting a lay in with the desire of getting out when I was in profit or if Pmpey scored first. With the aid of soccer mystic I was able to predict the worst case scenario if Pompey did score in the first half. This is something that Peter Webb has written about on his blog before and with soccer mystic it definately allows you to weigh up the risk of taking football trades in play.

So I am still not sure if tonight was a sensible decision to take on this trade. I do know that it was profitable but if it had gone against me how would I have reacted? My only thoughts are that hopefully I could have taken it on the chin because my previous results tell me that I am able to make a profit on Football in the long term.

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