Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why I want to trade Cricket

The graph above is the price of the West Indies.

I just started watching the end of a rain shortened ODI between the West Indies and New Zealand. I thought i would have a quick go at trading with small stakes. I need to use small stakes until I get use to the markets. I managed to make a quick trade to make 22p! I layed New Zealand at 1.11 and backed at 1.14. I was quite happy with myself and thought the game was probably all over as the Windies needed 38 runs off 21 balls or something like that. I decided to go and have a shower. After my shower I reutrned to see the last over to see the Windies trading at 1.05! As it turns out my lay of 1.11 was the lowest price matched on New Zealand. These wild swings in price are a traders dream so I will continue to watch and trade with small stakes in cricket. Some punters must be making and losing huge sums in these markets.


  1. cricket is great to trade on, volatility is a key part of it. I prefer test matches myself, there's always that safety net of laying the draw first (almost always too short, too early) and going from there as the game progresses.

  2. Scott

    Thanks for the comment. I hope to learn much about trading cricket this year. I think the key for me will be setting clear points to exit when a trade goes against me.