Monday, January 12, 2009

Million Dollar Traders

Want to see traders going through the pain and pressure of trading. Then watch the new program on BBC2. I have just watched the first episode and it was great to see other traders go through the emotions of getting it wrong and right. The program was fascinating as I recognised some of the mistakes they made as mistakes I have made and will probably still make e.g. some of the traders got so scared of losing they wouldn't trade and therefore were never going to make money.

The concept is basically taking 8 normal people that are good at Maths and turn them into City traders by setting up a hedge fund with a million dollars of someone elses money. For me the old guy just has to go at the moment he just looks like a bumbling Grandad with no idea what is going on. My favourite moment was when he bought some shares instead of selling them so doubled his risk and lost an extra £200 in a minute.

If you missed the progam then you should be able to watch it on BBCiplayer .


  1. I watched it too and can relate to some of the emotions shown, the highs and lows, moreso the lows on the program.
    Do you think they will all last the 2months? Think the ex-vet will give it up

  2. Hi Ronnie

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes I think she may well crack under the pressure. I think I may have been a bit hard on the old guy, as we have all made mistakes trading. The only difference is that we haven't had them watched by millions of people.