Monday, January 12, 2009

Learning Day by Day

Feel like my trading cricket trading took another step forward yesterday. I traded the Australia V South Africa 2020 game. I have decided to be steady and only deposited a bank of £10 into my Betfair Aussie wallet. So I was very pleased with my return of £2.75 from the match. As you can see from the screen shots I worked myself into a good position, mainly by laying at short odds. I could have greened up for about £6 profit but such are the big swings in Cricket especially 2020 is was happy to let it ride knowing I couldn't lose on the match. I was happy to try and green up following a bigger swing. It didn't happen but it would have only taken a good over from SA and I would have had a much bigger return.
So I think I have learnt that there are big profits possible from cricket especially if you are prepared to lay at low odds and don't mind taking the odd small hit. As I have said before a small downside but massive upside at those odds e.g. if you lay at 1.01 which I did yesterday you can back at 1.02 with half your stake and be in the position where you can't lose.


  1. Friday's ODI was a cracker for trading - both sides went down to 1.15 before the game went against them and the odds turned. It's brilliant to trade when you have classy teams of similar level. Just when you think it's all over, the market changes dramatically! Any chance of a link?


  2. Hi Scott

    Sounds good, unfortunately I didn't get to see or trade the game as I was in bed. That is the problem with part-time trading, work gets in the way. Anyway I will continue to watch the cricket markets and get involved when I can.

    I have added the link.