Saturday, July 25, 2009

G'Day Australia

I was up fairly early this morning and had a bit of time to kill so I had a quick look at the Aussie Horse Racing markets. The liquidity in some races is not to bad (about £66,000 matched in this race). It has improved markedly since I last looked about a year ago. Whilst still being a long way short of the English markets there is the potential to take some small profits. Hopefully these markets will continue to develop and reach the level of the Irish Racing.

As you can see from the video This wasn't my best trade ever and I was a bit slow in canceling my order when the big money came to move the market up. However I did react in the right way and still managed to make a profit.

A few things to bear in mind though
  1. If you are trading from the UK the response times are slower
  2. How do you get pictures to see when the off is?
  3. The markets have less liquidity so you should probably use smaller stakes


  1. Hi from Aussie.

    The big money is usually only on Saturday, and mainly on the Sydney races (Rose hill, and Randwick yesterday with over $200K per race)

    Pictures here are from Sky Racing on Pay TV, and live calls from radio stations.

    Betfair start times are usually quite accurate. Never seen one early, but most well within 60 secs of Betfairs start time.

    Liquidity is a huge problem, and large real bets certainly make trading a challenge.

    We have the same time delay problem trading the UK races, so fair's fair.

  2. Hi, not quite sure how you can get to watch the Australian racing, I know ATR cover quite a lot of the US races, the money in these races is really bad though, Australia seems to be a bit better.

    You may want to try and look into the French racing also, the luiqidy in these races is probably 3rd best after UK and Irish.