Saturday, September 5, 2009

Final Over

I had a great time watching the Cricket last night. I did also try a few trades to make a small profit of £3. However I still am trying to learn more about these markets. Australia looked to have the game sewn up with 6 overs to go but England kept hitting enough boundaries just to give themselves a chnace of winning. Subsequently the Aussies price kept coming in and out. In this time it traded from 1.01 out to 1.3. Which if you caught even part of this would be very profitable. It is often worth a lay at 1.01 because if you can lay £100 @ 1.01 you only need to back £50 @ 1.02 to have a £50 free bet. The only thing with this strategy is you need to be prepared to take a few losses for a big win.

The Video is of how the odds moved in the last over. I recorded it just so I could see how the odds move (it might not be the most interesting video). It is noticeable how much the Aussie price moves out when England score a boundary.

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