Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Need to Diversify

We are now reaching the time of year when Horse Racing trading opportunities start to diminish. It is a fact of life for my part-time trading. It is a shame as my horse race trading has now reached a consistent standard that I am fairly happy with. I now firmly believe and know I can/will make a profit in the long run so any losses are taken in my stride.

So with the limited races for me to trade I am planning to use the winter to expand my repertoire of sports I can trade. I am planning to look at goals and correct score markets in football. This interest is partly sparked by the 100K challenge. I have looked at their results and I have started to dip my toe into the water. Tonight was one example I layed under 1.5 goals at 1.19 and then greened up after the first goal. There are always plenty of late goals in the champions league.

Sports I plan to look at
American Football

Hopefully I can work out a successful strategy for at least one of these.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I didn't have much to say in the last 2 weeks. I did wonder if it is worth continuing the blog. However for the time being I will continue but the updates may be more infrequent.


  1. Please keep the blog going - I enjoy it!

    One market you have forgotten about that is perfect for evening only traders is the US racing.

    Now the UK races have pretty much stopped in the evenings i have moved back to them and make nice money on them. Though having ATR is essential but I assume you have that.

    Best of luck with the new markets!


  2. Cheers Leon

    I have occasionally looked at the US markets but at the moment the lack of liquidity is an issue for me. Also all the reasons you listed in your recent post kind of put me off.

    If i did look at these markets would you recommend any particular tracks?

    I have looked at some of the Aussie races and found these decent if you pick the right races. Although possibly a bit early or late for some people and the delay on placing bets is noticeable.