Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Small Stakes

Just been reading a few posts on using small stakes Peter Webb's on ten pound trader and Leon the fixers on tradeathon. So inspired by this or jumping on the bandwagon whichever way you look at it. I switched all my money to the aussie wallet except ten quid and traded the last 2 races at Kempton tonight. Now I did cheat a bit as I was using my full £10 to back each time to ensure maximum return. If you are starting off I would recommend you use stakes that you can back or lay with. However with my experience I thought I could probably just look to back and get out quickly if the market went against me. The only problem with this was the need to red up in the middle of trading a race. Which I did very inefficiently having watched the video back..

So I am very happy with my return of £5.91(59%) after commission. This did include a little bonus on the last when I had greened up for £2.82 profit on most horses however there was a £3.82 green on the eventual winner. Sometimes I struggle to make that amount on two races with a £500 bank!

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