Friday, October 9, 2009

Inplay tactics

Just a quick post to show a inplay tactic that can pay off if you chose your races carefully. You also need to watch the race and cancel the bets if it doesn't look like working. You should be able to see that I lay the field at 1.51. Therefore if there is a close finish hopefully at least 2 bets will get matched and you can make an profit. It worked in this example but it doesn't always. You have to remember that some punters probably have faster pictures, although sometimes this tactic takes advantage of this.


  1. Great video

    With So many races going down to the wire i would imagine with the correct thresholds this can be a profitable tactic!

  2. Hi Sam

    I think there is a profitable strategy somewhere if you pick the right level. At the moment I am breaking even with my inplay strategies. The Betfair website is a useful place for info. They have all the previous results including the lowest price that each horse traded at in-running. With some detailed research I am sure a profitable strategy can be found.