Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Wall

If trading is supposed to be a marathon not a sprint then I think I have hit the wall. Now I know that this time of year is going to be difficult for me with the lack of opportunities but this hard! The last week my trading is like this I either get in a green position only to make it red or it is red as soon as I open my trade. I think part of the problem is the pressure to match the returns of the Summer even though the opportunities are much smaller especially for a part time trader. Anyway I am telling myself that I just need to keep things ticking along and improvement will come. The most pleasing thing about this spell is I have kept my discipline telling myself to hang in and the profits will start to flow again. In previous years I have lost my discipline in spells like this and then made some stupid in-play trades.


  1. I know the feeling Drifter. Since the winter racing started my trading has been terrible. I barely made a profit last week, and I'm running at a loss this week.

    More worrying is that the downturn in the horses seems to have effected my other trading. Nothing seems to be going my way just now.

    Take the CL matches tonight. I felt there was likely to be goals in the Chelsea game so I drip fed a serious of small bets on the over 2.5 goals, once they were all taken, I came out when the odds were such that I could red up for half my total stake.

    No sooner had I done that and the goals started going in. 2-2 in the end.

    Like you, I'm hoping things will settle down a bit and I'll find some consistent profit again.


  2. Hi Alistair

    Yes this time of year is always hard. Yesterday I managed to trade several races for absolutely no profit. Every time I managed to get up i threw it away on the next race. Very frustrating.


  3. Hi Drifter,

    Good things (profit) come to those who wait! Before making the decision to quit my job I made sure I had a sound knowedlge with various strategies for a variety of markets and not just on Horse Racing. I'm actually quite glad the horse racing has hit the winter season so I can concentrate on the football more.

    Quick up the good work on the blog. After an explosion of blogs, many are now getting defunct! I'll add a link from mine to yours.