Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some improvement.

Today saw me return to some profitable trading. The highlight being the race above. I was very pleased with this as I thought carefully about when to enter this trade and things went perfectly. Sometimes I think I enter the market with very little thought and this is when I get caught. The rest of the trading was steady if unspectacular, that one race accounted for two thirds of my profit for the day. I think this was a good example of letting profits run however sometimes I think I look for big trades too often. I traded some of the breeders cup races and am looking forward to trying a few tonight.


  1. Nice trade :) How did you find the liquidity on the Breeders cup yesterday? I'm thinking of giving it a go tonight after work.

  2. Liquidity was OK. But the markets are a bit strange. Lots of money waiting to be matched but not that much matched at times. Some traders happy to put big money on back or lay side and try to move the market around a bit.

  3. Thanks, have been trading them tonight and I can see what you mean, very stable markets with a lot of money sitting around, good for scalping. One more to go.