Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Evening Winter Racing

Now that it is pitch black when I get back from work most of my trading has to focus around the all-weather racing at Kempton and Wolverhampton. These markets can be very different from the markets in the day. Big Steamers and Drifters are very common mainly due to two factors
1) The racing is usually very poor in quality
2) This means that it takes very little money to move the price of a horse

Moves like the picture above are fairly common place. This horse halved in price in about 5 mins. If you are really brave you can even try the markets at Dundalk. Although these can be very thin. Anyway it is possible to make a decent amount and tonight I was able to clear £40 with small stakes.


  1. £10 of that £40 was mine! LOL!

    I found Dundalk OK tonight, but kept losing it on the follwing Kempton race. When I virtually wiped out my day's megre profit in one fell swoop, I gave up.

    Sums up my month really.

  2. Sorry Alistair!

    I nearly lost it all Trading the Murray tennis match. I managed to escape with a £5 loss in the end.