Thursday, November 19, 2009

Greyhound Grief

I meant to post this earlier but forgot. I ventured into the Greyhounds on Tuesday. I meant just to have a look. So I decided to use a bank of about £50. I think perhaps someone was giving me a message not to bother. In the first race the 1558 at Sunderland I was happily trading on the fav when at 1556 the market was suspended and I was left with £42 liability. Now my bet was a lay so the fav duly obliged and won. Now I am not one of those people that believe these things always go against you because they don't. At times these sort of things have gone in my favour. If you read some people they must be the unluckiest traders in the world because every time Betfair mess up a suspension the long shot they had layed wins!

Anyway this has put me off the Greyhounds for a while. I don't think it was Betfairs fault because I presume that the race just went off early. I have checked my clock and it is right. Therefore I won't trade them if this sort of thing happens.


  1. Hey,
    Thats a right kick in the teeth, i've been following the greyhounds on the side for a bit and i've never had a race go off on time.. they always seem to run 5 mins late for me..
    Not that i trade them, i just lay them, due to them not going inplay.


  2. I've seen a few races suspend early for no apparent reason, only happens about once a week and so far I've been lucky not to get stung.

    It can just as easily go in your favour so it probably balances out.

  3. Hey Cran,

    That's a new one to me, though I've stopped looking at the dogs, just found them far too unpredictable atm, I may go back, but not until the new year now.