Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Week So far!

Races Traded: 39 New Bank: £570

My trading has moved steadily along this week. As the week has gone on my results have grown and grown. Yesterday was a good example of sticking to my aim of not losing money. The first few races I was very defensive with my money and I was making a couple of pound on each race. this happened for about 6 races. Then suddenly i caught a couple of good Drifters and I made £38 on two races. It is amazing that with just a couple of good races behind me my confidence rocketed and suddenly the markets seem to make more sense.

Another milestone is that I made it to 50 races without any major mistakes. I am now focused on reaching 100 races. I think I can do it. Now my bank has passed £500. I am planning to withdraw a little bit of my profit each day. I feel I need to do this due to past mistakes when I have risked too much of my bank when suffering a big loss. I am hoping that I have moved passed this stage but by doing this I am making sure it is less likely to happen.

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