Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trading Video

Here is a video of a trade from yesterday. As you can see it was reasonably successful could and probably should have got out a tick earlier. Any feedback on the trade would be useful. I managed to make £50 from 6 races yesterday.


  1. Nice one Drifter. Always looks so easy when someone else does it.

    I noticed that you kept moving your lay bet further down the ladder as the odds shortened but in the end you had to take higher odds as the move stalled. I wonder if there's any merit in laying off in increments, 3 x £50 say, at ever decreasing odds rather than having to backtrack the full amount if you understand me.

    Hopefully it won't be long before I'm using £150 stakes.


  2. Thanks Alistair I appreciate your feedback.

    As you know it is not always that easy. I haven't put up any losing trades! Although this was the first I have tried to record. I have often thought about using increments but just haven't tried it yet.

    Hope to post another one soon.


  3. Hi Drifter,
    Thanks for the video, it's useful to see other people trading.

    I've just started recording some of my trades as I have a more powerful PC now. I'm using the free CamStudio software (is this what you're using?). Anyhow, I was generating huge files (about 250mb for 6 mins of video) I found a codec called Xvid MPEG-4 codec and now a 6 minute file is about 14mb and the quality is much better!

    For anyone wanting to download, I think the codecs are available at quite a few different sites. I used http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Vista_Codec_Package.htm
    and did a custom install to just install the Xvid codecs (initially I had some conflicts in Windows Movie Maker after installing the whole package when I was making a short film - nothing to do with trading!). MG