Friday, May 1, 2009

May this month be Good for Trading?

I am back after a bit of a break. I made some bad mistakes at the beginning of April and decided to give trading a good break. It can be fairly difficult at this time of year so I have tried to go back to basics and have reduced my bank to £270 and hopefully proceed with caution. I have done a fair bit of reading in this time and have tried to think as if I were starting again. I enjoyed reading Leon the fixers recent post don't try and win. I think I need to follow this advice at the moment to get my confidence back up as this got shot to pieces at the beginning of the month.

My main concern as always will be my reaction to losses. I still think I am getting there but I need evidence of about 50 races of not messing up that I have finally turned corner. By messing up I mean not taking any unnecessary risks e.g. letting trades go inplay. Whilst trying to trade 50 races without going inplay I will update my progress on a more regular basis. If I can manage this then just maybe I will give it a good shot over the summer.

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  1. Good luck and thanks for the mention. Look forward to more blog posts.