Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nice Ladder

Races Traded:11 New Bank:£400

Some solid trading today. Just managed to make a few quid by sticking to my new discipline. So far so good I have now traded 31 races without any major risks taken. I am very happy with todays result as unlike Saturdays I normally struggle on Sundays. Maybe because there was a big meeting at Newmarket (with terrestrial TV coverage) the markets were more like a Saturday.

Above is a screen shot from some trading I did this morning. I am not showing it for the tiny profit I was about to make but to show the new feature on the Bet Angel ladder. I really like being able to see my potential profit or loss for any price. I think it has already helped me to identify exit points when a trade goes against me. As always Well Done Bet Angel.

It is also worth noting that the horse steamed into 1.83 ish before the off.


  1. It's about time Bet Angel had this feature. BinarySoft BDI has had it for ages. Even the trader application from Betdaq has got it.

    I've found it extremely useful and I'm sure others will benefit from this type of feature.

    Well done Drifter on successful horse trading of late. for a time there, I thought you had given up. Hopefully your perseverance will pay off.


  2. Thanks Alistair

    Now you come to mention it I do remember it being on BinarySoft.

    I find it is always good to have a break when things are not going well.