Sunday, May 3, 2009

Solid Start

Races Traded:20 New Bank: £372

I made a solid start to the month, mainly by sticking to my aims. I started quite shaky but managed to keep the loses to a minimum and then the profits came later in the day. Personally at the moment I prefer the Saturday markets. They appear to make more sense to me than the weekday markets. I know this is in contrast to some traders. This maybe that as I am a part time trader I trade the Saturday markets more and therefore am more comfortable with them.

I also found something unusual today. I was trading a maiden race and there was a horse taking a big drift so I had my layed the horse and was watching it drift out about 7 ticks. I had my stop loss (on the ladder interface) set on Bet Angel at my entry point. Then suddenly a huge order went in and took the price down about 10 ticks and straight through my stop loss, which fired but wasn't matched. This actually worked in my favour as I canceled the order because I was so convinced that horse was going to drift again. It then drifted back out to its original price and I made a nice 7 ticks.

A good day lets hope I can keep it up.

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