Thursday, May 14, 2009

Watch the Weather & Know your Duckworth Lewis

Just a quick post about cricket trading. Yesterday I had a small trade in the Derbyshire v Lancashire one day game. Basically I layed Lancs at low odds just after Derby had lost 2 quick wickets. Derby made a slow recovery and Lancs odds move out from 1.12 to 1.29. So for the small the small risk of £6 I made a profit of just under £5. I got out by placing £25 at 1.2 and £25 at 1.29. I was tempted to let the trade run but had other things to do so closed out my position. Within 5 mins Derby lost another wicket and then the rain came and the game was abandoned. The Lancs price collapsed within seconds.

Therefore Derby lost due to being behind on the Duckworth Lewis calculation. I am not sure anyone understands the calculation but you can find out here Duckworth Lewis. Whenever trading One Day cricket it is definitely worth knowing who is ahead on DL. It also helps to assess if the current price is accurate.

Racing update will follow soon.

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